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CFNA/Firestone Credit Comments

Hotchick711jj says: (6 years ago)
This is the worst experience I have ever had with a company. I have been dealing with this for almost a whole year now. Let me start from the beginning. June 3, 2012 I made a payment on my account as I do on the 3rd if every month. I have had my card with cfna for years and years. I had a 1600 credit limit and my balance was less than half of that. Ok so I make my payment online a couple days later I get a notice from my bank saying I have some returned payments on my account. I immediately call the bank and after a little research we find out that all the payments I made from my bank account that week had been returned. Now mind u the money is still in my account. So we find out it was a bank error. I get a signed statement from my bank admitting it was their error and I submit that to cfna. They credited back the returned check fee but told me since there was a returned payment on my account they decreased my credit limit to 800. Are u kidding me??? I asked to speak with a supervisor and explained to them they have the proof in front of them that this was no fault of mine and I shouldn't be penalized. They acted like they could have cared less. I told them I wanted a number to their corporate office. They gave me a number I called and it does not allow u to speak with a live person u have to leave a message. Wow corporate headquarters and u have to leave a message. Well today's date is 05/17/2013 and I have yet to receive a call back from their corporate office. Mind u, I started calling in June of 2012 almost a year ago. For the first couple of months I called once a week and left long detailed messages for them. After that I started calling once a month. So needless to say I have called and left around 20-25 messages and I have never received a call back. Talk about horrible customer service. It's funny because I work in the corporate office for a major cable Internet and phone company. There is no way we would ever treat our customers this way. It's sad that I cannot even talk to anyone to make my complaint about this issue. I am totally shocked in the way that I am being treated and by reading all of these horrible comments and complaints about cfna, I can see I am not the only one. I am surprised this company is still in business with the way they treat their long time customers. I have a good mind to just stop paying on my credit card all together and just take the negative status on my credit report. This is so frustrating. I can't even find an email or anything to make my complaint. I hope to goodness someone from cfna reads this and contacts me because I'm not going to deal with it much longer at all.

lopez0120 says: (6 years ago)
Crappy crappy comapny!! I was charged $25.00 for a late fee, even tho I PAID IT ON TIME! My bank statement shows the pmt taken out on Dec 17... The next statement from CFNA doesn't even show that I paid anything! I tried SEVERAL times to call, however the stupid phone prompts could never get me to the right dept., and couldn't determine from saying "yes" or "no". VERY frustrating! So, I just hung up. I truly think this is their tactic, so people WILL hang up.
SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS COMPANY! Every review that I read is negative. Who can we contact?

tammy22 says: (7 years ago)
Regardless of how well you manage your account by making on time payments, they can and will lower your credit limit. I definitely don't recommend the firestone credit card issued by cfna..or any other card issued by them for that matter.

samantha1 says: (9 years ago)
Your telephone service is HORRIBLE to wait 19 minutes to get to a representative is unacceptable. I can'[t get a simple question answered.

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